Kamoon brings a new spin to the way you get food delivered. You won’t have to choose between convenience, quality and fair prices. We believe in making the food we deliver.

Which is why we create meals made for delivery out of the finest, fresh and seasonal ingredients. We’ll deliver our delicious ready-to eat meals really fast too. Say Hello to the new player in town !

How we roll



Find your happiness in our daily rotating menu. Test today, taste it, spread the word tomorrow! No minimum order!



It's all taken care of! Our guys deliver the magic. Whether there's a storm If we're not there 20 minutes later, it's FREE! Pretty neat, huh?


Eat up

Look at that! It's WARM and READY TO EAT! Pop it open and enjoy the ride. Don't forget to let us know how it went. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

eggplant salad piment pasteque

What we make

Good, clean and honest food made of fresh ingredients. We're mindful of your nutrition. We strive to get you your veggies but, we know you're naughty and we cater to that part of you too with plenty of tasty options.

We're here

If we don't serve your area, it won't be long before you see us roll up in your hood. Bare with us please. However, if you are in our zone, we'll bring our delicious meals anywhere you are (home, office, parc, at school, your private jet, you name it...)



Let's get things straight. We're no Socrates but, we have put some thought into this. Enough of waiting 45 minutes to get your favorite Thai spot delivered or ordering 2 large Fantas with your pizza to reach your minimum order. Great food shouldn't keep you waiting. Great food should travel well. Great food should be accessible to us normal folks!


No waste

Now, this may be all fun and games but, hunger is definitely real. Hunger is a terrible thing, and while we may be fortunate enough to not feel the ache too often, others aren't. Which is why we strive to have a meaningful contribution to society by giving back all the meals we can.

food banks